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New to NetApp, need info on backup software by NetApp


I am doing some planning for the Government and need information on NetApp's backup software. We have A site that needs to be backed up to

a remote site and the remote site should be a "warm" site. Meaning it would not take much time to go "hot" if we lost the primary site. I understand there

are various pieces of software NetApp sells and would like to know what the difference is between the products and which would be the most cost

effective for a medium sized organization. From what I see there is:




I am concerned about cost and the "best value" solution. Right now we use only MS DFS to replicate the data which is not the best solution.

A FAS2240A-2 will cost us about $32K and I assume this does not have backup software (F2240A-2-24X600-R5)



Re: New to NetApp, need info on backup software by NetApp

Hi Alan,

FWIW, my company recently evaluated the different NetApp backup solutions, but ended up going with a 3rd party provider called Zetta since they were substantially (80%+) less expensive than buying another filer and SnapMirror software licences.