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New versions of S-Family when?

Anyone have good info as to when the S-Family wil-----

1. relase 7.3 of Ontap

2. Offer Windows Server 2008 support (Snap drive 6, SME 5 )

3. any news on the phantom 2 port nic card?

Thanks, Eric


Re: New versions of S-Family when?

I have the same exact concerns, and quite honestly it's getting frustrating. To pay this kind of price for a storage device should come with a little better support. We're almost at one year since Server 2008 RTM'd and still no support for it. I was going to deploy 2008 last year but have continued to push it back and back with no support from StoreVault/NetApp. I've also been waiting for the NIC to be able to implement jumbo frames (since everything else in my network supports it). Drew Meyer used to be our advocate on here to set things straight, but he has since moved on to another company. Don't know who will be the "people's" spokesman now. Has NetApp hung us StoreVault users out to dry? Just my $0.02.

Re: New versions of S-Family when?

Robert, I was wondering if you were still out there.

Here is what I found out, this is by no means official but this info came from netapp employee who was part of storevault.

" There will not be an update to the StoreVault OS. An EOL notificiation for
the S550 is pending and there is no direct replacement product. NetApp does
not intend to leave this market segment and there will be bundled FAS2020
single controller offerings introduced in February with aggressive pricing.""

So the question that remains is how do we get from here (S550 no 2008 ) to our EOL array to something that supports 2008!!

Maybe we should pay NetApp more $$$$ and upgrade again. WTF

This is very frustrating for us small guys. If I would have known about Sun's Amber road project which is now

Unified storage system 7000 series (2TB SAS, ZFS,NFS,CIFS,ISCSI,Replication, RaidZ DP --- try & buy 8800.00

I would have went that route..... Sun just changed the game on Netapp, the same way NetApp did to Sun back in the mid 90's

Where to go from here.......


Re: New versions of S-Family when?

Oh man. I sure hope that info is wrong. This is unbelievable. If true, the *last* thing I will do is pay NetApp more money to upgrade to a product that does what my S500 *should* do in the first place. When companies shaft the little guy, I take a hike and tell my friends. I hope someone from NetApp reads these boards and can, hopefully, tell us differently. I know we're not the only people in this boat.

Re: New versions of S-Family when?


Just wanted to add my concerns as a Storevault partner.  I really hope that they don't hault/EOL the S550 line.  Netapp must support Windows 2008.  When the Storevault product came out, I thought that "Netapp" understood the market they were going after and I got on board with them.

I took every course and read everything I could to get ahead of the curve when the Storevault line took off.

Right now I've got this awful feeling in my stomach.....

I really, really hope that Netapp steps up and does the right thing....

If there is anything we can do as group, please count me in.......


Its official EOL for S Family!! :(

This really pisses me off.  The article does say that they will offer support until 4-6-2012, but what does that mean?  Will they be offering updates to OnTap until 2012?  My supports expires on 06-2010, Can by a new 3 year support to last me until 2012?

Way to go NetApp one less customer that definately won't be upgrading to a FAS!  Sun Unified Storage here I come.

Re: Its official EOL for S Family!! :(

I had an Inside Sales Rep call me yesterday to "check in" on me. I relayed all our concerns and how disappointed we all are. I'm like all of you: I bought this StoreVault because of the NetApp name...which will mean nothingto me if they drop us. He said "I hear you" and is checking on what the options are for moving forward. We'll see what happens. As of now, I'm very skeptical.

Re: New versions of S-Family when?

Hear, hear. We've been waiting on WS08 support and the second NIC as well. This is really frustrating.

Re: New versions of S-Family when?

Well, I got the call back today from the sales rep, Michael Eley. After doing his digging, he verified two things for me...

  1. There will NOT be any support for Server 2008.
  2. There is NO possibility of any trade-up program or anything to help this.

That's the nail in the coffin for me. I expressed that me along with many others are very very frustrated and mad at this decision and that we've been hung out. I told him I was not going to give up and that I needed him to get me the name and number of someone up the chain. I do not at all mind being the person that climbs the ladder. I refuse to believe that I've spent over $6000 (which is a LOT for a small business) for a piece of equipment that I cannot move foward into the future with. I really think we should all be calling and expressing our concerns. Please join me in trying to get this decision reversed.

Re: Its official EOL for S Family!! :(

Hi Nicholas,

Yes (as mentioned in the other thread) you can purchase up to three years of warranty and support extension for your S550. Also in February 2009, NetApp is changing the upgrade/trade-in program to include S550 systems. Please contact NetApp sales or support for more details.

We want to ensure you have the best customer experience possible with NetApp...pls keep your comments coming.

frank lung

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