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Re: No Oncammand System Manager after upgrade 9.3

I'm having the same problem instantly after the upgrade from ontap 9.0 to 9.3



Browser console is showing 


VM1748:1 POST https://localhost/sysmgr/sysmgr/mlogscript 405 (Method Not Allowed) 



security audit log show


Thu Mar 08 09:45:39 2018  a200a-1      [kern_audit:info:7370] 8503e80000000732 :: A200-Van:http :: :: A200-Van:admin :: Error: POST /sysmgr/sysmgr/mlogscript HTTP/1.1 405 Method Not Allowed


Has any progress been made on this?

Re: No Oncammand System Manager after upgrade 9.3

I am also having the same issue but it appears to be new requirements on the Netapp side that IE must match because it works from some Windows 2012 R2 servers' IE but not from others. Also if I try to access the logs area through the SPI URL (i.e. https://<clusterIP>/spi/) IE just hangs and never completes but I can get to teh SPI logs area though https for each node, just not the if using the cluster ip. I have a ticket open and a session scheduled with tech support tomorrow, but any other insights before could be helpful.

Re: No Oncammand System Manager after upgrade 9.3

one thing i did notice is that third-party extensions allowed is enabled on the server that works but not the server that doesnt work; got a question out to tech support to see if that is now required in IE when 9.3 is installed.

Re: No Oncammand System Manager after upgrade 9.3

We had the issue when updating to 9.3 on a test array.  I didn't actually perform the upgrade, but my partner who did, said he saw an error as ONTAP was upgrading.  Of course, he didn't write it down.


OnCommand System Manager allowed the sign-on screen, and then failed.  We recovered by force re-installing ONTAP.  (Call Support first)


As to the browsers, I've found that Firefox 48 64-bit is the best to use on the newere versions of NetApp software.  DO NOT GO later than 48 at this time.

Re: No Oncammand System Manager after upgrade 9.3

So this was resolved by Technical Support for my issue. It turned out to be that in 9.2 and later FastPath is disabled, so the NAS will no longer route traffic internally. Here is the write-up from Tech Support:



HTTPS connectivity issues since the upgrade to Ontap 9.3

-Issue discovered:

This issue is due to Fastpath being disabled in the Cluster. This means that previously, Fastpath would ignore the route table and just egress (go back out) the same lif the communication started on. This allowed the routing table to be relaxed and provided a handicap.  Now with the feature disabled ALL routes are dependent on the route table to transmit traffic back out of the Nodes to your network.

Release notes for 9.3

Beginning with ONTAP 9.2, the networking stack is updated for improved performance and resiliency.

As part of the stack update, fastpath routing support was removed because it masked problems with improper routing tables. Hence, it is no longer possible to set the ip.fastpath.enable option in the nodeshell, and existing fastpath configurations are disabled when upgrading to ONTAP 9.2 and later.

KB article explaining the changes in details with recommendations:

Re: No Oncammand System Manager after upgrade 9.3




I expirenced a logon failure after upgrading to ONTAP9.3P4 this was resolved by removing the browser history and restart the browser.

There was no issue with logon trough Putty.

Re: No Oncammand System Manager after upgrade 9.3

Yes, there are multiple issues we've experienced.


1.  As someone stated earlier in this thread, you need a specific route for your management traffic for the Cluster and Node management.  (You need to have a separate management subnet (. - period)

2.  I've found Firefox is the best browser for NetApp products, but I often have to upgrade.  Many of the tool README.txt files tell you the versions of browsers required at minimum.  I would suggest using Firefox Quantum releases at this point.  The only issue with quantum is VMware which still does not have a pure and workable HTML 5 client.

3.  Clear out your cache in the browser, close the browser and try again.


Re: No Oncammand System Manager after upgrade 9.3

I had the same problem after an upgrade. After creating a case with support and a few days later we found out that theres a bug regarding Unicode at sysmgr login. 

We were asked if only english characters were being used, we did. But we changed the password of the admin account anyway just to be sure (we had an : and . in the password). After the password change we managed to login. So try changing your password if you're having this issue.