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No link-light on FAS3250 cluster interconnects



We are building a new 8.2.1 Cluster-Mode cluster with two FAS3250's.


We have connected c0a on FAS1 to c0a on FAS2 annd c0b on FAS1 to c0b on FAS2 but get no link-light and thus HA failover is not working.


I replaced cables and SFP's. I've tried straight-through and crossed fiber cables.


I've also tried connecting c0a to c0b on FAS1 to see if I get a link light and I don't.  Repeated on FAS2 and same result.


It's looking like a software misconfiguration rather than hardware.  Any suggestions gratefully received. Smiley Happy



Re: No link-light on FAS3250 cluster interconnects

Solved ourselves.  We were using the wrong speed SFP's.  They have to be 10Gb.