No space left on device

trying to clone a lun but getting this message

filer> lun clone create /vol/test_vol/test_lun0_clone -b /vol/test_vol/test_vol_qtr/test_lun0  test_vol_snap1

lun clone create: No space left on device

df -gh

/vol/test_vol/            100GB       95GB     4117MB      96%  /vol/test_vol/

/vol/test_vol/.snapshot       25GB     1688KB       24GB       0%  /vol/test_vol/.snapshot

No space left on device

The problem is you have only about 4 GB space on your volume and you are trying to clone a 95 GB lun on the same volume. Try to increase the volume space using "vol size" so that there is atleast as much space in the volume as the lun you are cloning. Then try issuing the clone command.

No space left on device

The command you are using makes a Thick LUN and for making a thick LUN it will try to have the space equal to the size of LUN ( Incase you try to split it, it assumes that ways).

You have 2 options :

1) increase the size of Volume - Incase you want to have a thick LUN.

2) Create a thin LUN ( space reservation - off)

option 2 is possible via the below command :

filer> lun clone create /vol/test_vol/test_lun0_clone -o noreserve -b /vol/test_vol/test_vol_qtr/test_lun0  test_vol_snap1

Cheers !

No space left on device

ok i got it to work after using no reserve.

but now whne i try to delete the lun clone snapshot it says

SNapshot is busy because of LUN clone.

any ideas?

filer> lun snap usage  test_vol test_vol_snap1

Snapshot - nightly.0:

        LUN: /vol/test_vol/.snapshot/nightly.0/test_lun0_clone

        Backed By: /vol/test_vol/test_vol_qtr/.snapshot/test_vol_snap1/test_lun0

No space left on device

Well if it's pretty simple, you are trying to delete the Snapshot which is backing you LUN clone.

It won't allow you to do it.

If you can tell us what you are trying to achieve maybe I'll able to give alternatives.

From where I see things, you created a clone from a Snapshot and not trying to delete the Snapshot. This doesn't make much sense to me.

No space left on device

im trying to clone a iscsi lun. but gives this error

dataontap> lun clone create /vol/iscsi/iscsi_qtr/iscsi_vol0_clone -o noreserve -b /vol/iscsi/iscsi_qtr/iscsi_vol0 iscsi_vol/snap1

lun clone create: No such snapshot

Re: No space left on device