Not able to view \\filer\share\~snapshots from Windows


We recently renamed a volume name containing only one qtree shared to cifs only to something different. All data can be accessed via share name like file://filer/share

However, we cannot browse/view \\filer\share\~snapshot ,though the snapshots are there on the filer for this particular volume. All other shares and volume are normal and their snapshots browsable and viewable from Windows Explorer.

Can someone advise



Re: Not able to view \\filer\share\~snapshots from Windows

You should check the value of the 'cifs.show_snapshot' option on your NetApp controller:

FAS> options cifs.show_snapshot

cifs.show_snapshot off

If it's off, you can turn it back on:

FAS> options cifs.show_snapshot on

It could be other things, but I would start there. Thanks!

Re: Not able to view \\filer\share\~snapshots from Windows

The next thing to check is the volume option 'nosnapdir'. Make sure that's set to off.

Re: Not able to view \\filer\share\~snapshots from Windows

After renaming the volume, if you are not able to browse through snapshots, check for the following:

  1. vol options <vol_name> ------> the option named "nosnapdir" should be "off"
  2. also the system where you  have mapped the cifs share ------> check for "show hidden files and folders" under Tools > Folder Options > Viewm, this property should be selected

Re: Not able to view \\filer\share\~snapshots from Windows

Thanks Nitish

1st option helped

" vol options <vol_name