Number Files in Qtree

Hello everybody,

I have lot of volume with qtree inside and i want to know how many files there are in each qtree ?

It's possible to know that ?

My version is 8.0.2

Thank you very much


Re: Number Files in Qtree

If you configure quotas on the qtrees and set the quotas to report but not restrict, I believe this will get you the information you require.

Re: Number Files in Qtree

paleon is correct, add this to the /etc/quotas file:

current quota syntax, only one entry needed:

*     tree@/vol/your_volume_name     -     -     -     -


old quota syntax, separate entry needed for each qtree in the volume:

/vol/your_volume_name/qtree_name     tree     -     -     -     -

Then run quota on your_volume_name

This may take quite some time to finish, but once done, you can run quota report to see the qtree size, as well as the number of files

- Scott

Re: Number Files in Qtree

Thank you very much for your help