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ONTAP 8.1 C-Mode, or 7-Mode, or wait?

Hello.  In my environment, we are currently running two FAS3160, running ONTAP 7.3.2P4.  One at our headquarters, one off-site mirrored (snapmirror).  We use NAS (NFS/CIFS), FC, and iSCSI.  We also use SnapMirror, several SnapManager Products, System Manager (v1.1 for now), and DFM (Operations Manager and Management Console).  We also have two DS4243 shelves, and its highly recommended we have ONTAP 7.3.4 or higher because of known bugs with 7.3.2.

So, the question is: Should I look to upgrade to 8.1 RC1 “Cluster Mode” or “7-Mode”?  We have been on 7.3.2 for so long, I don’t know much about 8.x, much less then what C-Mode or 7-Mode differences are!  I read an article by MRILEY that talk about “8.2 will follow and soon there won't be a 7-mode or c-mode, there will only be ONTAP.” (  So, should I wait?  How long should I hold my breath?

I also read another article by KLETZLY about C-MODE, but didn’t mention if iSCSI was supported, and his link was dead.  (




ONTAP 8.1 C-Mode, or 7-Mode, or wait?

Depending on the features you use, the GA release 8.0 7-mode (if you don't need snaplock, smb2, data motion, etc.) then you could look at an 8.0.2P3 upgrade (P3 coming soon).  8.1 is out but a release candidate so we don't recommend that for production.  It should be GA Q1 next year.  8.2 is likely another year plus away so definitely condider 8.0 7-mode now and 8.1 7-mode in the coming months.

ONTAP 8.1 C-Mode, or 7-Mode, or wait?

Thank you for your response!