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ONTAP Edge-T working solo from FAS hardware

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I had a few questions around ONTAP Edge-T and was wondering whether you could help clarify a few things. (I previously posted these questions on the following blog:


1. With ONTAP Edge-T being able to run without a connection to a physical controller, does this me a customer can purchase ONTAP Edge-T to run in an environment? I'm thinking this could be a good offering below the entry level physical controllers. Ideally with the intention that the user likes the netapp functionality.

2. Can ONTAP Edge-T SnapMirror (replicate) to another ONTAP Edge-T controller? I would assume it can with it just being IP based from Controller to controller?

3. Can/will Fusion I/O / Flash Accell be supported with ONTAP Edge & ONTAP Edge-T? And would you see any potential offering for this?


Although the above aren't ideal solutions, I can (and have had one so far) see an entry level offering whereby end users may want to re-utilises servers.


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Re: ONTAP Edge-T working solo from FAS hardware

I know this is a very late reply, but thought I'd throw it out there anyways

Regarding Flash Accel support with ONTAP Edge - it is not currently supported (i.e. listed on IMT) but the two products do actually work together.  Do you have a particular use case?  Let me know if that's the case. 

Currently Flash Accel does not work with Fusion IO cards - there's a technical glitch and both companies (Fusion IO / NetApp) are working together to deliver a driver.  We expect it to be ready by July 2013.

Re: ONTAP Edge-T working solo from FAS hardware

1. Yes. I think the official term is ROBO (Remote office/Branch office) are ideal for Edge.

2. Data ONTAP Edge has both snapmirror and snapvault abilities (with some limitations depending on which Edge you purchase) The best answer I reference is in this pdf (page 2 table on the right).