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ONTAP Edge VM Wizard Completes but VM won't boot

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I've run through the dvadmin vm wizard a couple times now and each time the wizard seems to complete successfully and a new VM is visible within VCenter.  When I go to start the VM I receive the following:


md1.uzip: 39168 x 16384 blocks

md2.uzip: 5760 x 16384 blocks

WARNING: Data ONTAP mode is not specified, defaulting to 7-mode.

ERROR: Invalid/missing configuration property 'vsa.ipaddr'.

ERROR: Data ONTAP startup failed - initiating shutdown.

Here are the permissions on /mroot directory:

drwxr-xr-x 3 root wheel 512 Mar 27 04:32 /mroot

/mroot directory doesn't exist or is it not writeable... aborting coverage dump

Waiting for PIDS: 701.





During the course of the dvadmin vm wizard I've assigned the ip address I want the VM to utilize, or at least so I think.

Re: ONTAP Edge VM Wizard Completes but VM won't boot

So it helps when you read instructions.  I wasn't starting the VM for the first time via the dvadmin commnad prompt, rather I was going into VCenter and starting the VM for the first time from there.  Since I wasn't starting the VM from the dvadmin the configuration setup wasn't running and therefore I wasn't receiving the IP address.  I went ahead and created a new VM and this time started the VM from dvadmin and the Edge instance is up and running.