OPM, update a single OSSV relationship

Hello out there.

We have a couple of customers there all have the same issue with a few OSSV backup's there are often failing.

The set up is:

Primary Filer                            Secondary Filer

serverA:SystemState                /vol/windows01/serverA_SystemState

serverA:C:                               /vol/windows01/serverA_C__

serverB:SystemState               /vol/windows01/serverB_SystemState

serverB:C:                              /vol/windows01/serverB_C__

serverBSmiley Very Happy:                              /vol/windows01/serverB_D__




serverN:X:                              /vol/windows01/serverN_X__

If serverA:C: fails, I can normally run a snapvault update on the secondary filer, but that will not save the backup in a "Protection Manager usable" snapshot.

My plan is to create a script there can handle the snapvault update, and the create a Protection Manager snapshot on the secondary volume, is there a SDK tool i can use for this?

Re: OPM, update a single OSSV relationship

Hi there,

You can have the script to trigger an on-demand backup on your OSSV dataset in Protection Manager which would do the job of registering snapshots to the backup versions (In layman terms: the snapshot would be usable by Protection Manager for restore). However, if you trigger an on-demand backup for that dataset, it would trigger the backup of all members within that dataset.

Now, if you would like to trigger Snapvault update manually (for a particular OSSV relationship), then you can register that snapshot to Protection Manager using an API: "dp-backup-version-create". However, it's a very tedious process.

Thanks and regards

Shiva Raja