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Is there a seizing tool for the bandwith required if we use OSSV to backup file server data over the WAN? We currently have 1.5TB with a daily change rate of 5-7GB.


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Yes.  It's called a calculator.    In all seriousness, your assigned NetApp Systems Engineer should have access to a utility called "Quick Bandwidth Wizard" in his Synergy 3.0 tool. This individual can assist you. In the meantime, you can take a swag at this calculation:

( 7 GB of changed blocks / 8 hour backup window )  =  917.5 MB/hr   / 60 minutes = 15.3 MB/minute / 60 seconds = 254.8 KB/sec. So you would need a WAN link capable of sustaining 255 Kilobytes (2040 kilobits) per second for 8 hours.  So if your backup window was only 8 hours, a T1 link capable of 1.544 megabits per second ( 193 Kilobytes per sec) wouldn't quite cut it.

Here is a handy tool you can use to determine the type of WAN link you'd need.

Re: OSS Bandwith Calculation

I forgot to mention that the Synergy 3.0 bandwidth wizard also factors-in things like WAN latency, packet size and packet loss so it is much more accurate than my example above.

Re: OSS Bandwith Calculation

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Yup that helpded thank you for the answer.