OSSV 3 and the Archive bit

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Can anyone tell me if OSSV v3 uses the archive bit when backing up from windows.  It looks as though versions 1 and 2 did, but has it changed in 3 with the changelog minifilter driver?  I'm wondering if I can run a normall tape backup schedule aswell as ossv during the change over from tape.  Thanks for any help

Re: OSSV 3 and the Archive bit

According to the manual:

"A block-level incremental (BLI) backup recognizes that a file has changed based on a timestamp and checksum algorithm".

So i guess archive bit is not used in traditional BLI backup method in any version including v3.

About changelog minifilter driver it only says:

"Open Systems SnapVault scans the backup folder to identify the changed files".

IMHO this can be understood the similar way - that still timestamp is used.

Hope it helps.