OSSV Backup through Protection Manager won't work

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I've set up a test environment with NOM, PM, and OSSV properly installed and licensed.  NDMP connectivity from the Operations Manager server, the protected primary (Windows 2003 machine), and the storage (FAS3050) are all good.  Logins work well.

I created an OSSV backup of the Windows machine manually, and backups work when manually triggered from the secondary.  When I imported the discovered backup relationship into Protection Manager, and set a backup policy against the Dataset I created for it, I cannot sucessfully complete an on-demand backup.  I get the following error in the backup job:

Server01-OSSV: There is no bandwidth available for transfer. Throttle value is 0.

The job reports as failed.

For what it's worth, Protection Manager is running on the same server that is having a certain directory backed up (not the PM directory!)

I've searched the documentation, but cannot find any info on adjusting the throttling on the OSSV primary Windows machine--I've already set throttling on the Filer to unlimited bandwidth.

Thanks to everyone attempting to answer this toughie!

OSSV Backup through Protection Manager won't work

Found a possible answer:

Pages 22-24 state to edit the wan.cfg file in the install_dir/snapvault/config directory (I looked at this file when I was having issues, but thought throttling was set appropriately already).

The following is an example for throttle schedule: [THROTTLE:Schedule] Value=mon-thu@9-18#100!,fri@9-18#150!,18-21#200

There apparently has to be SOME schedule, even if its sun-sat@0-23#100

[THROTTLE:CheckingInterval] Value= 900

Open Systems SnapVault checks the bandwidth throttling schedule every 900 sec.

I'll try it out and verify, and let the comunity know.