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I'm fairly new to Netapp. I have a win2012server in a remote office I am backing up with OSSV. It is currently backing up Dedup .ccc files from D:\System Volume Information\dedup\chunkstore. I wish to exclude this directory as it makes no sense to backup. I have opened up the file-exclude text file from: C:\Program Files\netapp\snapvault\etc. I have added: D:\System Volume Information\ to the exlcude list. Is there anything else I need to perform other then restarting the service for this change to take affect?




Re: OSSV Exclude System Volume information




OSSV can exclude certain data from backup. The following files on the OSSV host can be populated to exclude specific data:




The file-exclude.txt and path-exclude.txt files accept wildcards. The file-system-exclude.txt file does not.

Note: The file-system-exclude.txt file is not available on Windows or AIX hosts.

Refer page 9

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Re: OSSV Exclude System Volume information



If you wish to exclude entire directly, u should add a entry in Pathexluce.txt file instead of Fileexclude.txt.


Fileexclude.txt is for specific file exclusions.


Hope this helps