OSSV IP Address change


We've recently changed the ip addresses of both the server where we run OSSV from, and the destination filers. Can someone please let me know how I repair this so that it starts working again!!



Re: OSSV IP Address change

I think you may need to do check the OSSV Configurator on the client and update any ACLs if they exist.

Then check the destination storage controller and see how the snapvault relationship is currently set up for the primary - host name or IP?

If it is the hostname ping it and see if it resolves the new IP address, should be good to go.  If it is IP, then then you may want to follow the guides on the NetApp KB site regarding moving the primary qtree of a SnapVault relationship.  I think the main command will be snapvault modify -S

If this replication is truly critical I would log a support case or engage your account team.

- Hadrian