OSSV Queing Backup?

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Hi all

I read in the OSSV whitepaper that you can only do 16 backups at a time using the FAS2020 Netapp? Is there a way to shedule 30 backups at the same and than have 16 of them run and than one they are done running it kicks of the remaing 14 backups that where sheduled at the same time automatically.

Re: OSSV Queing Backup?

Yes, you can just schedule the backups you want to occur, and SnapVault/OSSV will automatically queue anything above the concurrent limits for that system (16 in your scenario).  The system will automatically initiate any queued backups as one backup finishes.

Also, This shouldn't be an issue on this system, but you can't initiate more than 1.024 (running and queued) backups on a single system.