OSSV as a migration tool

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I have a client that has multiple vendor SANs that have been virtualised using IBM SVC.

They are considering moving lock stock and barrel to NetApp in a different DC and have already decided on the toolset to use for the VM environment.

However they have many physical SAN attached servers that they wish to migrate and want a demonstration of the migration.

I'm thinking of using OSSV to get the data to the NetApp (over the WAN) followed by a flexclone split on cutover.

Does this sound realistic?

Re: OSSV as a migration tool


no this sounds not realistic!

you cant use OSSV as a Migrationtool, because OSSV saves the data like a cifs share.

With NetApp Syncsort integrated Backup Solutin DPX you can migrate Data directly in LUN's or Vmware.

see this Link:

have fun


Re: OSSV as a migration tool


Its actually possible, but perhaps only as a last resort.

You need to convert the snapvault relationship to a snapmirror and then break it to make the qtree writeable.