OSSV client backup from Protection Manager won't work

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I have an installation with Protection Manager an OSSV clients that should be backed up.

I have installed Host Agent and OSSV on the Windows 2008 client and configured them.

The client shows up okay in Protection Manager, ndmp ok and host agent ok.

When I apply the policy to the dataset for the client it starts the conformance but then it fails.

On the filer i see "could not find source filer".

Tried to set up a snapvault relation directly from cli on the filer, using ip adr for the client and local  host name for the filer.

This worked out fine.

In dfm I have set preffered ip option for the filer. The filer have a coulpe of different networks, vlans, configured.

The filer and client are on different networks.

Does someone have an idée what to check?



OSSV client backup from Protection Manager won't work

In this case we had to put in the client ip address and shortname, not the fully qualified name, i.e.  client1, in the filers hosts file.

It looks as Protection Manager uses the short name when it created the Snapvault relationship. The OSSV client is added with the ip address.