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OSSV - client licenses ?

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Hi all,

Do I understand correctly that using OSSV requires nothing other than a filer correctly licensed for primary and secondary SnapVault - do per-seat licenses have to be obtained for each installed client ?



Re: OSSV - client licenses ?

OSSV is licensed on the filer on a per seat (license pack) basis for various clients.

It used to be just sv_unix_pri and sv_windows_pri, and the licenses were not additive.

I just ran 'license' on a 7.34 simulator and found that the sv_pri license set has been greatly expanded:

sv_exchange_pri not licensed
          sv_linux_pri not licensed
      sv_marketing_pri not licensed
         sv_oracle_pri not licensed
     sv_sharepoint_pri not licensed
            sv_sql_pri not licensed
           sv_unix_pri not licensed
             sv_vi_pri not licensed
         sv_vmware_pri not licensed
    sv_windows_ofm_pri not licensed
        sv_windows_pri not licensed

It seems the licenses have been split out, including seperate licenses for using the integration with SMO, SME, SMSQL and SMVI.

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Eugene Kashpureff

Re: OSSV - client licenses ?

Ah yes, so if I want to backup Windows boxes I need sv_windows_pri. I understand.

Re: OSSV - client licenses ?

With snapvault secondary, OSSV 3.0 licenses are now free.

From the 8/11/2010 Product Bulletin on the Field Portal


Starting with OSSV 3.0, Open Systems SnapVault will be available for free download from NOW. Customers can download OSSV software and license keys from NOW.
Open Systems SnapVault will continue to be available on the Quote Tool until further communication. However, NetApp highly recommends that customers download it from NOW.
Note: Customers still need to purchase SnapVault secondary licenses.

Re: OSSV - client licenses ?


That is what I was hoping but I thought it would be too generous even for NetApp to give away free backup clients.

We already have an ontap primary and secondary license so if that's all we need to use OSSV, great

Re: OSSV - client licenses ?

Scott -

Which of the OSSV licenses are free ? All of them ?

Please, tell us, we sooo try to lead clients down the right road.

This is important stuff to us instructors - we love to tell clients about free licenses !

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Eugene Kashpureff

Re: OSSV - client licenses ?

From your field portal here is the product bulletin..the customers can go to the now site and get their licenses.  It looks like it includes all platforms for OSSV but a customer will have to check for the keys if they have snapvault secondary.