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OSSV fails for servers in DMZ

I am having an issue wherein I am not able to initialize the OSSV relationship for the servers that are in DMZ. However for the servers which are on the same lan as my storage filer, I am not having any issues.

The error on filer is "cannot connect to source filer".

My network team says that port 10566 and 10000 are open on the firewall. I have been successfull in doing telnet <filer ip> 10566 from the server in DMZ. I have also verified thru netstat -a on the server that port 10566 and 10000 are "listening".

Can anyone please suggest what needs to be done?




Re: OSSV fails for servers in DMZ

Issue resolved. OSSV failed as the network team had opened the firewall ports for the Filer's management IP only and not the other interface IPs. Once firewall rules were correctly updated to allow for all Filer interface IPs, OSSV started working without a hitch.