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I have seen that OSSV supports HP-UX but one question that comes up is does it support SPARC as well as RISC processors? And can a customer restore an OSSV of SPARC to a identical RISC unit? I would assume not but could use any advice...

Thanks in advance!

Re: OSSV for HP-UX

RISC is a broad term.  PA-RISC is RISC, so is SPARC, MIPS and many other processors.

More to the point is which operating system is running.  If you're asking about SPARC, you probably mean "Does OSSV run on Solaris?"

As far as OSSV is concerned, the data is the data and we really don't care what processor is executing the instructions.

Re: OSSV for HP-UX

Thank you that is all I needed to know!