OSSV headaches

Some background, I'm running OnTAP 8.0, installed OSSV client 3.0 on Windows 2003 SP2... when I go into Operations Manager, I am unable to create a snapvault relationship via the Backup tab, says "could not find source filer". The target filer has options snapvault.access set to all

I verified the OSSV convfiguration settings, QSM List is checked, the correct secondary storage Filer is listed (by FQDN), the correct NDMP information is all set correctly, can ping  the OSSV client by its FQDN from the secondary storage Filer (target for OSSV).

On a whim I did a snapvault start -S and when I specified a qtree for the command I received the following message on the CLI of the target Filer:

Snapvault configuration for the qtree has been set.
Transfer not initially successful, retrying.
Monitor progress with 'snapvault status' or the snapmirror log.

When I look at the status it is indeed attempting to transfer... but disappears from snapvault status rather quickly. If I attempt another snapvault start I get the same message. Am I missing something?

Any ideas?

Re: OSSV headaches


Have you added the IP/Hostname of the filer to the snapvault.access file (or wherever it is on the Windows side, it's in the docs.) on the W2k3 server?

When you get the messages that the transfer is not initially successful, then you probably have a problem contacting the server on some relatively immediate level.  Snapvault logs to /etc/logs/snapmirror.  You might find more info there.  There are also a few knobs for increasing the log levels on the server side.

Good luck.

Re: OSSV headaches

If you're referring to the QSM list then yes, I've added the Filer's FQDN there (and verified connectivity). There's no snapvault.access file on the Windows server, and snapvault.access is set to all on the Filer.

Re: OSSV headaches

I guess it might help if you just paste the whole (sanitized) command like that you are using to start the baseline initialization and the output of snapvault status and perhaps 'options snapvault'. Any relevant information from /etc/log/snapmirror might help too...

I can't really see enough information to give very useful tips at the moment.