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OSSV in uninitialized state


I have come across a situation where OSSV on my filer is in "Uninitialized" state and not getting started to transfer (pull)  from primary - A Windows 2008 R2 server. Below is the status of snapvault.

bash-3.2#  snapvault status -l ss1:/vol/sv_vol/OSSV

Snapvault is ON.

Source:                 msdc:c:OSSV

Destination:            ss1:/vol/sv_vol/OSSV

Status:                 Idle

Progress:               -

State:                  Uninitialized

Lag:                    -

Mirror Timestamp:       -

Base Snapshot:          -

Current Transfer Type:  Retry

Current Transfer Error: cannot connect to source filer

Contents:               Replica

Last Transfer Type:     -

Last Transfer Size:     -

Last Transfer Duration: -

Last Transfer From:     -

I am trying for initial transfer (base line transfer) using below command.

bash-3.2#snapvault start -S msdc:c:\OSSV /vol/sv_vol/OSSV

Snapvault configuration for the qtree has been set.

Transfer not initially successful, retrying.

Monitor progress with 'snapvault status' or the snapmirror log.

Can someone help me out please to get it fixed??



Re: OSSV in uninitialized state

Hi vara

From your output, you can see faliure reason:

Current Transfer Error: cannot connect to source filer

Action Plan:

1 Initialize OSSV  on the destination volume.

1 Check DNS

2 Check Ping fromr dst to src

Re: OSSV in uninitialized state

Re: OSSV in uninitialized state

Check user permissions on this server.

Domain Administrators this is a best choice for you situation