OSSV result monitoring

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My system has many OSSV backup connections. I want to monitor the daily backup but not just with snapvault status command.

I have Nagios for all systems monitoring.

Without Protection manager is there any way to monitor theese results by SNMP protocol in Nagios screen?



Re: OSSV result monitoring

Yes, there's an extensive set of objects in the NetApp MIB that can be querried for

Snapvault and Snapmirror.

You can download a reference copy of the MIB from the toolchest section of the NOW site.

'The NetApp Custom MIB lets you obtain detailed information about many aspects of filer operation via SNMP.

The copies of the MIBs shown below are for reference only - please use the version of the MIB that is in /etc/mib

directory of your appliance to ensure that you are using a version that matches your current version of Data ONTAP.'

At your service,

Eugene Kashpureff