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OSSV slow network transfers

Hi all

We have an issue where we have a number of remote sites some of which transfer at a good speed (40Mbs) but we have others that will only go at something like 4Mbs.

They all have similar bandwidth connections and file transfers via windows run at normal speeds.

The servers are 2003 sp2 (32bit) domain controllers, good spec boxes

Has any one else had a similar issue, any ideas or things to check

Any help very greatfully recieved



Re: OSSV slow network transfers

Hi Dave. I´m also suffering from these problems. One client complains that some OSSV Clients are not finishing the updates.

The connection in some hosts went down like 4mb per hour.

We could not finish the snapvault updates.

How did you solve your problem?

best regards,

Rodrigo Rios

Re: OSSV slow network transfers


I'm dealing with similar issues myself so I can share some things that I have learned if you are interested.

Some questions:

What is the -k value being set if any? This can be found in the snapvault under \etc on the primary.

If you perform a 'snapshot update -k [throttle] -S' manual update does the session transfer at the expect rate?

Are you using a throttle policy associated with your OSSV schedule?