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OSSV with Protection/Provisioning Manager

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Got OSSV working great on a couple of Windows and Linux clients. However, I can see a management nightmare looming if configuration on CLI only were to continue en masse (100+ clients).

For various reasons I've steered away from using Protection Manager for setting up regular Snapvault relationships. The limited number of relationships and their nature make me more comfortable managing these on CLI.

So, I'm not very familar with Protection Manager. I managed to use it to set up a test OSSV relationship, manually specifying a secondary backup volume because we don't have Provisioning Manager. However, when it came to setting up a second client for OSSV it seems I cannot specify the same secondary backup volume because it's already in use by the first OSSV client.

I'm trying to determine if the missing component - Provisioning Manager - is preventing me from using the same secondary volume to back up multiple clients. I can only select a secondary volume, not even a qtree. Is Protection Manager crippled for use with OSSV without Provisioning Manager? We don't really have a use for Provisioning Manager otherwise.



Re: OSSV with Protection/Provisioning Manager

You shouldn't need Provisioning Manager to use a resource pool (unless you want to attach a provisioning policy).  If you create a resource pool (a resource pool simply points to one or more aggregates), then Protection Manager will create the secondary volume for you.  If you create a single data set with multiple OSSV clients it should create a single volume.  But if you are creating multiple data sets for those clients that's probably why it is complaining.  So in your case you may just be able to edit your data set (the one that works) and add the 2nd client to it.

Keep us posted on this.



Re: OSSV with Protection/Provisioning Manager

Thank you so much! That was exactly what I needed - to put the second host into the same data set. Didn't even think to do that...