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OSX Snow Leopard can't mount directory below / in cluster-mode (but Lion can).

I have a customer with a cifs Vserver and we setup nfs, and user mapping.  Secd and everything (users, groups, default nfs export rule and policy-rule) are setup.  The user mapping works and we tested under secd for the unix to windows mapping.  Permissions are all good but the nfs mount to a path below "/" is the issue.

When they mount nfs from OSX Snow Leopard they want to mount a directory just below "/", for example the mount below fails and says dir1 does not exist... showmount -e shows only / exists but we know that is ok since cluster-mode exports "/" and we can submount.  All permission to dir1 below is good from the ntfs acl that maps properly tested by both secd and the fact that the user can mount "/" and then go cd into dir1 and read/write/delete files.

     mount cluster-mode:/dir1  /mnt   # fails on Snow Leopard, works on Lion

     mount cluster-mode:/  /mnt         # works on both Snow Leopard and Lion... then the user can go into /dir1 and all works

They have an OSX Lion machine to test with (they can't upgrade to Lion on these other machines for software compatibility reasons) and the first mount command with the same unix user/uid works fine.  So...I am almost positive it is a Snow Leopard issue with nfs mounts below the exported directory path "/" since Lion works fine with it using the same setup and uid.

Has anyone else seen this or able to confirm it is a Snow Leopard submount issue?


Re: OSX Snow Leopard can't mount directory below / in cluster-mode (but Lion can).

Never had an update from Apple or NetApp if a bug or not, but definitely looks like an OSX issue with Snow Leopard not being able to mount any subdirectory directly...only what shows in showmount -e.