OnCommand 5.2 and MCTB 2.1.1

Is MCTB supported on OnCommand 5.2?  I see the front page of this community says full support on 5.0 and 5.1 (no mention of 5.2).

My customer tried installing using the following software versions:

OnCommand Version: 5.2

Windows Server:  2008R2

MCTB Version: 2.1.1

After install: Discovered the 2 filers for the metro cluster

Checking status for MCTB via command line it returns:

MCTB Status

[SC] enumqueryservicestatus: openservice failed 1060

The specified service does not exist as an installed service

When he accesses the MCTB in operations manager and trys to schedule it he gets the following error:   

Internal Server Error --  but no logs are generated for the error

He was able to install the MCTB service but it is not starting.  The error is "service specific error 0"  The installation was difficult, he was forced to move files around.

It was looking for the files in C:\user\administration\mctb.exe and he had to create folders for the jvm.dll

Does he need a different version of the MCTB for Oncommand 5.2?


Any help appreciated!

Re: OnCommand 5.2 and MCTB 2.1.1

I see that the MCTB Admin Guide states OCUM 5.0 or later is supported but it was published (05/13/2013) before the OCUM 5.2 release (July 2013). IHAC who is looking to use OCUM 5.2 and MCTB 2.1.1 as well. What's the best way to validate whether these versions are supported? Maybe I missed it but I didn't see the MCTB listed in the IMT.


The MetroCluster TieBreaker application is delivered as a DFM/OnCommand Unified Manager Script Plugin zip file, and is supported on DFM version 4.0 and later or on OnCommand Unified Manager 5.0 and later, installed on Windows Server 2008 R2, or any Unix/Linux operating system supported by DFM or OnCommand Unified Manager.

Re: OnCommand 5.2 and MCTB 2.1.1

Yes, MCTB 2.1.1 is supported on OCUM 5.2 (although, without a PVR, the only support is via the Community).   The problem you are seeing suggests that the customer didn't run the "install" command on the script, which installs MCTB as a Windows service.  That is a prerequisite for it to function on a windows server.  Note that the "start" and "stop" script commands actually start and stop the windows service, so it must be installed for those commands to function.

Let me know if that doesn't fix the issue.


Re: OnCommand 5.2 and MCTB 2.1.1

You mention that the installation was "difficult", which should not be the case.   The only way to install MCTB is to use the Operations Manager Script installation dialog, completely documented with screen shots in the Admin Guide.   All you need to do is specify the .zip file in the OM script installation dialog and upload it, and then run the "install" command.  Again, check the Admin Guide for complete details.

Re: OnCommand 5.2 and MCTB 2.1.1

Hi Brian,

Thanks for the prompt response! We will submit an PVR accordingly. BTW, it would be great if the MCTB Community front page is updated to show the latest supported OCUM versions. 


Re: OnCommand 5.2 and MCTB 2.1.1

Hi Mike,

Just to be clear, a PVR allows you to get support through CSS with escalation to me.  Without a PVR, you cannot open a case, but I will still try to provide support as best I can through this Community.


Re: OnCommand 5.2 and MCTB 2.1.1

Asked customer to uninstall and reinstall per Admin guide and through the OnCommand dialog. 

At step 2 of section 4.2 "Scripts - Start a Job", he gets the following error:

He confirmed that the Apache service is started.

After the re- install still getting the error:

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

The internal error is with apache