OnTAP EDGE 811 on ESXi 5.1

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Has anyone managed to get this to work? I'm trying to learn develop some NetApp skills to further my career but the publicly available EDGE appliance (811) will not import into either VMWare Workstation 9 or ESXi 5.1, throwing the error attached



I've done a fair bit of searching and am struggling. I don't work for a Netapp partner or anything like that, so I have no idea if the 8.1.2 appliance does the same as this isn't publicly available.

Re: OnTAP EDGE 811 on ESXi 5.1

hi Kevin,

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i did some google around the issue and found some interesting links

IBM link

from the above link


OVA deployment directly to ESX or ESXi is not supported. You must use VMware vCenter Server (VirtualCenter). To verify the server type, use VMware vSphere Client to select the server in the left column. In the right window, above the Summary tab, you check whether the server is VMware ESX/ESXi or VMware vCenter Server.

Resolution -- Install VMware vCenter Server (VirtualCenter) and deploy the OVA file to this VMware vCenter.


i suspect you are trying to deploy the OVF by connecting to ESX. Please connect to VC and try the deployment


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Thanks venkat3, looks like I'll need to setup a trial vCenter for this which I was hoping to avoid. Doesn't explain why it won't play in Workstation though, surely?

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hi kevin,

ovf file has an xml tag for property

for. example

Line 107:   <Property ovf:key="" ovf:type="string" ovf:userConfigurable="true" ovf:value="">
Line 109:   </Property>

which VC understands while deploying it.

ESX or Workstation isn't able to read this and throws an error.

hope this answers your query