OnTap doesnt work with SCOM 2016


We just install SCOM 2016 within our business.


I have install the "OnCommand Plug-in for Microsoft"



When I click on any of the option under management pack task I get this error.



I cant get the ontap work with scom 2016.


Can someone please let me know if im missing anything.




Re: OnTap doesnt work with SCOM 2016

I'm experiencing this behavior as well.  Did you ever resolve this?

Re: OnTap doesnt work with SCOM 2016



is that error message from the server the plug in installed on. or from a workstation/other server client ?

have you checked if the file exists on the path and if the environment variable "ocscompath" exists on that server?



Re: OnTap doesnt work with SCOM 2016

Hello, are you still having problems? Just you have the label to the post as Data ONTAP 7G and 8.0 7-Mode, this being the case looks like you've an unsupported configuration...


OnCommand Plug-in 4.1.2 for Microsoft only supports Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 and above:;&solution=296&isHWU


While, the previous version OnCommand Plug-in for Microsoft 4.1.1 does support 7-Mode but not SCOM 2016.