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Ontap 8.0.1 - GD / GA


Does any of you know of a timeline, with the release of Ontap 8.0.1 in GD or GA ?

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Petter Glenstrup

Re: Ontap 8.0.1 - GD / GA

HI Paul,

The terminology for Data ONTAP GA/GD is changed starting from Data ONTAP 7.3.4 and Data ONTAP 8.0 onwards.

There will be no GD release for Data ONTAP post the above releases. GA release is fit for Production purpose.

Now any new release posted on NOW is maintained under RC (Release Candidate) . After 4-6 weeks a RC candidate is ideally posted as GA release.

Currently Data ONTAP 8.0.1 is posted as RC.2 release.

Hope it helps !

Re: Ontap 8.0.1 - GD / GA

Super, how old is the 8.0.1RC ?

Or when will the 8.0.1RC be GA....

PS: If GD is being replaced by GA, will it then always be the newest GA that will be shipped with the systems ? And if we order a new FAS31xx system now, where Ontap 8.0 is GA but GD is 7.3.3, will it be shipped from NTAP with 8.0 or 7.3.3 ?

Re: Ontap 8.0.1 - GD / GA

8.0.1RC was out at the start of september so it's 2 month old.

On when it 8.0.1 will become GA I would like to know it too

Should we count the 4/6 week from RC1 or RC2? And there will be a RC3...4....n before GA?

Ontap 8.0.1 - GA

An RC4 or Next Release should be a GA?

A date?



Re: Ontap 8.0.1 - GA

Since they recently released RC3 which includes platform support for the new hardware (32xx & 62xx) I would not rule out an RC4 being in the works.  So far I have found no game stopping faults in RC2 which is a good sign regarding the stability of 8.0.1.

On a side note it's important to note that all new hardware only supports either Data ONTAP 7.3.5 or Data ONTAP 8.0.1 (8.0 is not supported).  This further pushes the importance of 8.0.1 going GA.

Re: Ontap 8.0.1 - GA

We've hit a couple of decent bugs with RC2/3 but the netapp guys have resolved. I've heard rumours of an RC4, but i would suspect if there is it will be effectively the release version.

Re: Ontap 8.0.1 - GD / GA

Since this morning (CET) the 8.0.1RC3 was replaced by 8.0.1.


I have a look and upgrade a 3140 8.0P4 to 8.0.1 without any issues.