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Ontap Select 9.5 deployment failed



Trying to deploy single node cluster Ontap Select 9.5 on ESXi  6.0 with external array (over FC). During node deployment got he following error in the job deployment log:

[Request 445 (running)]: Creating cluster nodes. This operation may take up to two hours, depending on the response time of the virtualization envi[Request 445 (running)]: Node "OTS-PPE01-01" create failed. Reason: Virtual appliance create failed (waitForLease).. Manual deletion of this node f[Request 445 (running)]: Creating data disks. This operation may take as long as two hours depending on the amount of storage to be provisioned on [Request 445 (running)]: NodeVMNotFound: Node "OTS-PPE01-01" in cluster "OTS-PPE01" not found on any host. If the cluster has been reconfigured out[Request 445 (failure)]: Node "OTS-PPE01-01" delete complete ...


On VMware task event - got an error of "Cannot place virtual machine in a folder that is not a virtual machine type folder".

Is any folder required to be created for the Ontape Select VM or a specific VMware profile ? I have not seen any configuration option on Deploy VM. Appreciating any help/feedback related to this issue.





Re: Ontap Select 9.5 deployment failed

Just got exactly the same issue here BUT with 9.7 Deploy.


Did you solve it by a support case?


Re: Ontap Select 9.5 deployment failed



how are you provisioning the Storage whre you plan to install ontap select?

You must format the Storage vmfs first. As ontap Select will create the vmdk files.


HTH Stefan



Re: Ontap Select 9.5 deployment failed

VMFS 6 formated LUN on a external HDS array - provisioned upfront and accessible by the host - no other vmdk yet provisioned on this data store 8TB requested on a 10 TB LUN... 

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