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Open System SnapVault not starting

Hello folks,


I want to backup data using OSSV, i already installed the client in my Linux machine, but when i try to start the copy, the console output the following error:


2220> snapvault start -S 2220:/vol/cronos/etc
Invalid path: /vol/cronos/etc
This command is available only on a snapvault secondary.
snapvault start [-r [-f]] [-w] [-k <kbs>] [-t <n>] [-p <conn_mode>] [-o <options>] [-S [<primary_system>:]<primary_path>] [<secondary_filer>:]<secondary_path>
where <options> is <opt_name>=<opt_value>[[,<opt_name>=<opt_value>]...]
For more information about the available options, please see the
SnapVault man page.






Observation: 2220 is a ficticious name.


Thanks in advice!

Re: Open System SnapVault not starting

I already resolve this problem.


The NetApp dont allow a qtree named "/etc" because this is a system folder of NetApp.


After changed to:


2220> snapvault start -S 2220:/vol/cronos/etc_cronos


Works like a charm.