Opening mirror and synchronization


we currently have two office locations as well as NetApps (FAS 2050 primary location and FAS 2020 backup location). The backup location is connected through WAN-line to the primary location. We activated asynchronious mirroring to allow synchonisation of changes from primary to backup location by night (to have some basic protection against a desaster).

We now want to test the mirror location and the time we need to setup the mirror. The primary question that we discussed about was the following:

To test the mirror location we need to open the Filer-Mirror between primary and backup-location (or FAS 2050 and FAS 2020). In our desaster test we then change data on the backup FAS 2020. After succesfully testing everything we want to setup the mirror between primary FAS 2050 and backup FAS 2020 again).

Does this reset of the mirror result in a complete synchronisation of data (currently 3 TByte)?

Or what would be the best way to break the mirror test, test backup location and connect both filers again.

Is it possible to simply create a snapshot on both netapps before opening the mirror and resetting both netapps back to the sapshot after doing tests and reconnection primary and backup-location?

Any help appreciated.

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Re: Opening mirror and synchronization

Hi Rudi,

Hope that the first baseline relationship between the Pri_filer Volume and Sec_filer Volume is established. After that, at the backup locatoin, you need to quisec the relationship, break it and mount the LUN on the host. Do your data testing, unmap the lun from host, re-sync the relationship and update the same.

At the time of re-sync, the backup filer will only fetch the increamental data from the primary filer. (It will not synchronize the entire data from primary, only block-level changes from the time, it was quisec and breaked).

Hope, thsi helps.


Re: Opening mirror and synchronization

Hi Mohit,

many thanks for your quick help.

As you may have recognized, I'm not the in deep technical specialized for our netapp environment. I'm here from a organizatianal departement.

Nevertheless, I will check your advices with our technical guy's. We always were afraid of synchronizing this 3 TByte all over again. But if only synchonizes back changes, this would be a big help for us.

Many Thanks.

Kind regards.