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Operations Manager - Capacity reporting at the filer level


I am using v3.6 of Operations Manager.  Basically what I am looking for is a consistent report that represents the total usable space, the total utilized space and thus the total available space on a per filer basis monthly.  I would then like to be able to use this monthly snapshot data to plot trends. I found a few reports that meet the requirements in some respects.  The ‘aggregate space availability’ report is sufficient for representing each aggregate but exporting the report to Excel, removing the Aggr0 (our home for DOT), and combining each of the aggregates for the 74 filers we have in our environment monthly would be exhaustive to say the least. I can tell that Operations Manager has all of the data I need to produce the report but the data is too granular, being at the qtree, volume and even aggregate level, to meet my needs.  Any suggestions?




Re: Operations Manager - Capacity reporting at the filer level

Hey Randy,

We started using a tool for our 3PAR arrays and we have it pointed it at our NetApp filers now too. It works great! Shows allocations, capacities and used storage. There are views that show spare disks and there are detailed disk reports too. The tool is called Arxview, they have a ton of executive and trending reports too.

- Ant