Orange light on FAS3270


I wonder if anyone could help?  I currently have an orange light on my one of my FAS3270's running 8.0.2P3 7-Mode but checking the operations manager I can't see anything wrong.

One of the team did replace a disk some time ago and I not sure if the light has failed to go off after it was replaced.

I have also run sysconfig -c, environment status, aggr status -f, vol status -f, on all the filers and nothing is showing as broken.

I was wondering if this is a bug in the software possibly.


Re: Orange light on FAS3270

Good morning Ray,

I was running into 2 similar amber light on issues:

- an amber light refuse to go away about 4 years ago on one of my FAS6240 baby with DOT 7.3.6. It was an internal bug with cause a fake amber light on.

- Another case was due to a mother board replacement. The amber light on the controller only due to battery still in recharge process

Is your amber light just showing on the controller only & all the drive/shelve shows green light?

You may wish to open a case with NetApp support for an in deep analysis.

Good luck


Re: Orange light on FAS3270

Hi Henry,

Thanks. The light is just showing on the controller all the disks are green.  I think I may dig out our support number and do as you suggest and book a call out.

Will update this question if they solve it.

forgot to say I think a reboot will clear this light but the boss doesn't want to reboot the controller.



Re: Orange light on FAS3270

Definitely open a case...we have run into several of these where we have to halt -s and ctrl-g to the SP to clear the amber light (power cycle doesn't clear it) or fru_led commands to clear it.  Before running each false alarm procedure (the halt -s or the fru_led off commands...depending on ONTAP version) have support guide you to see if a real issue first (environment status, etc.).  You don't want to clear the LED if a real issue, but sounds like it is a false alarm.  The fru commands are nice since no reboot of the controller to run them and support will guide you through those.