PAM test

Hello we've just acquired some PAM card. And I want to test it! Can you help me out withh some test cases ?

Thank you

Re: PAM test

Could you be more specific what do you want to test? There are PAM tests in offline diagnostic packages (diags or sldiag depending on your Data ONTAP version).

Re: PAM test

I just wanted to test the impact of the PAM on our filer. But I get it now I am using SIO to generate intensive random reads to test the PAM activity


Re: PAM test

the best way to test PAM is to use it

Not being facetious. Run a real workload against it and either check perf advisor or from the CLI:

stats show -p flexscale-access

You could of course keep doing what you're doing and use SIO or IOmeter or IOzone etc...