PM hassle

So I need to import a bunch of snapmirror and snapvault relationships I have setup on the filers into protection manager, some are set on the vfiler level and others at the vfiler0 level.

NDMP access login/passwords are set to all physical filers.

I have tried to issue dfm host discover to all the vfilers and also the pfilers, dfm monitor log doesnt show anything useful.

the dfm vfilermoninterval is set to 10min, have been waiting for more than an hour.

The SM/SV relationships never show up in protection manager,

what else can I do to get DFM to work ?

PM hassle

great... on the logfile it shows:

Sep 03 21:39:05 [DFMMonitor:ERROR]: [2876:0xc18]: The file system containing D:/Program Files/NetApp/DataFabric Manager/DFM/data/ has only 9.9% free space remaining, and the monitor requires 10.0%; suspending monitoring.

Drive D: has 9GB of free disk space, can I change this 10% somehow ?

PM hassle

got it

dfm options had an option for it

PM hassle


You can change the 10.0% to a lower value, using the below commands.

# dfm option set monMinFreePercent=5

Changed monitor minimum disk free space percent to 5.

# dfm option list monMinFreePercent

Option            Value

----------------- ------------------------------

monMinFreePercent 5

But the DFM database & performance files will keep growing, as data collection is continuous. So it is recommended that you add more storage, or purge old data from DFM.