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Pain point: SME remote verify

Hi all,

We've been a NetApp shop for years, and four years ago started using NetApp for Exchange.  A continual pain point for us has been the unreliability of SME remote verification.  It runs OK for a while, then fails.  The verifies work fine if we revert them to the actual Exchange server.  Then we open a case, they work again, and then fail again.  It's tiresome.

Have others had this experience with SME remote verify?  Are their perhaps systemic dependencies, that we're unaware of, which lead to this apparently-fragile state?

Thank you for any thoughts or suggestions.



Re: Pain point: SME remote verify

I've not experienced this particular problem yet, although I am sure I will as I am about to start performing remote verifies! (just waiting for my Flexclone license on my secondary to arrive!).

Exchange verification in general though has always been a pain in the proverbial bottom for me. Mainly because of the IO /performance hit on the filer, and my new problem that i can't seem to disable verify on any scheduled backup job - so its running after every full backup no matter what I tell the damn thing! Even if I remove all the verification settings from the schedule task, it still runs ESEUtil after a full backup.

Whereas if I run a full backup without verify via the SME interface, then it works fine! Just the scheduled tasks don't work as intended.

This is just one problem though with SME6 and SDW6.3. I've been using SME for some years now and there is always a problem somewhere - pretty much every month I am dealing with something new that requires a hidden P1 version of SME, or the OnTap VSS hardware provider fails and I have to restart my Exchange server.

I'd be interested to know if you ever find a solution to your remote verify issues!

Marc ;-)

Pain point: SME remote verify

Has this issue been resolved or are we still seeing issues with remote verification? If so please describe the setup is this verified against the snapmirrored copy or passive copy?



Re: Pain point: SME remote verify

Just to clarify, SME running Verify all the time can be disabled if you disable verification settings _AND_ deactivate truncation of logfiles in the advanced options under Backup and Verify. If you want to truncate logs - SME is _ALWAYS_ forcing a verify.

pretty sure you know - not truncating the log can't be the solution forever but it's more than enough for a hourly snap just in case and a verified backup in the night.(to make sure the database is consistent)

BG Christoph