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Passing Snapshot names to PM with DFPM Backup

Hi there.

I've recently implemented a script (using ontapi) to update QSM and SV relationships for an SMO installation on Windows.

It runs smo backup, grabs the snapshot name and updates the QSM destination and SV secondary with the snapshots created by SMO.

My customer is running Protection Manager and has quite a few SQL datasets created by SMSQL in PM along with their File Share backups - so pretty much everything with a secondary relationship is in PM with the exception of their Oracle environment.

My question is; Is it possible to pass a snapshot name variable through to DFPM backup command (or other DFM CLI option)? I'd really like to create a dataset and import the relationships into PM and have a script fire off the job.

As SMO for Windows does not integrate with PM, I thought it would be nice (from a consistency perspective) if we could get the SMO relationships into PM and just use dfpm backup to call the data set and update the relationships with  the SMO snapshots, rather than have PM create the application inconsistent snapshots for the secondary transfers.




Re: Passing Snapshot names to PM with DFPM Backup

You can’t pass the snapshot name to the cli, you will have to use the SDK api itself, so that you can pass the snapshot name.