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Performance Advisor shows no graph.

Hello everybody,

I'm facing probem whith performance advisor just for one filer ( cluster) ( FAS 3240 Dot8.1, DFM 4.0)  ( I have other filers with the same configuration and they are ok). 

For this filer my configuration seems to be OK, however, I have no graph in performance advisor.

You'll find bellow some information about my config.


# dfm option list |grep perf

perfAdvisorEnabled                    Enabled

perfAdvisorMaxMonitorThreads          32

perfAdvisorPollInterval               5 minutes

perfAdvisorShowAllViews               Disabled

perfAdvisorShowDiagCounters           Disabled

perfAdvisorTransport                  httpOnly

perfAdvThreshViolationMonInterval     15 minutes

perfArchiveDir                        /opt/NTAPdfm/perfdata

perfDataExportEnabled                 No

perfExportDir                         /opt/NTAPdfm/perfExport

perfMaxObjectInstancesInBarChart      20

perfSampleRate1                       1 minute

perfSampleRate2                       5 minutes

perfSampleRate3                       15 minutes

perfSampleRate4                       30 minutes


# dfm host diag XX    ( pass without any error)

Network Connectivity

IP Address             xxxxxxxx 

Network                (discovery disabled) 

DNS Aliases            xxxxx

DNS Addresses          xxxxxx 

SNMP Version in Use    SNMPv1 

SNMPv1                 Passed (91 ms) 

SNMP Community         public 

SNMP sysName           xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

SNMP sysObjectID       xxx (Clustered Filer)

SNMP productId         xxxx 

SNMPv3                 Passed (0 ms) 

SNMPv3 Auth Protocol   MD5 

SNMPv3 Privacy Enabled No 

SNMPv3 Username        root 

SNMP sysName           xxxxxxx

SNMP sysObjectID       xxx (Clustered Filer)

SNMP productId         xxxxxxxxxx 

ICMP Echo              Passed (0 ms) 

HTTP                   Passed (0 ms) 

NDMP Ping              Passed (port 10000, 0 ms) 

NDMP Connect           Passed (45 ms)

NDMP MD5 Passwd Check  Passed

RSH                    timed out 

SSH                    Passed (10441 ms) 

RLM                    Skipped (hostRLMAddress is empty) 

XML (http port 80)     Passed (1 ms)


Performance Advisor Checklist

perfAdvisorEnabled     Passed 

hostType               Passed 

hostRevision           Passed 

hostLogin              Passed 

perfAdvisorTransport   Passed 

====== I can see bellow that there are no records, but i don't know why.

dfm perf data list -v -o XXXXX

Counter Group             Host Name                                File Name       Number Records  Used Space      Max Projected Space

------------------------- ---------------------------------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------------

system                    XXXXX                                    perf_1_3613_38                0 768 bytes       150 MB             

disk                      XXXXX                                    perf_2_3613_19                0 768 bytes       25.5 MB            

aggregate                 XXXXX                                    perf_3_3613_8                 0 768 bytes       1.14 MB            

ifnet                     XXXXX                                    perf_4_3613_16                0 768 bytes       54.2 MB            

nfsv3                     XXXXX                                    perf_5_3613_12                0 768 bytes       118 MB             

nfsv4                     XXXXX                                    perf_6_3613_8                 0 768 bytes       102 MB             

prisched                  XXXXX                                    perf_7_3613_9                 0 768 bytes       768 bytes          

target                    XXXXX                                    perf_8_3613_5                 0 768 bytes       363 KB             

lun                       XXXXX                                    perf_9_3613_14                0 768 bytes       768 bytes          

volume                    XXXXX                                    perf_10_3613_52               0 768 bytes       52.1 MB            

cifs                      XXXXX                                    perf_11_3613_4                0 768 bytes       14.0 MB            

fcp                       XXXXX                                    perf_12_3613_9                0 768 bytes       34.1 MB            

iscsi                     XXXXX                                    perf_13_3613_9                0 768 bytes       34.1 MB            

vfiler                    XXXXX                                    perf_14_3613_13               0 768 bytes       2.87 MB            

processor                 XXXXX                                    perf_15_3613_4                0 768 bytes       307 MB             

perf                      XXXXX                                    perf_16_3613_4                0 768 bytes       24.0 MB            

priorityqueue             XXXXX                                    perf_17_3613_10               0 768 bytes       768 bytes          

wafl                      XXXXX                                    perf_18_3613_2                0 768 bytes       1007 KB            

qtree                     XXXXX                                    perf_19_3613_5                0 768 bytes       3.18 MB      


Could you please help me ?


Re: Performance Advisor shows no graph.


did Anyone have  the same problem ?

Re: Performance Advisor shows no graph.


Based on the info posted I don't see any issues with the Performance Advisor, Can you stop and start the services on the DFM server to see if the issue is resolved followed by :\>dfm host discover <host object id>

If the issue still not resolved, kindly let us know as when we can have WebEx session to take this issue further for troubleshooting.



Re: Performance Advisor shows no graph.


Thank you for your answer. I'll test this and give you a feedback

Re: Performance Advisor shows no graph.


  stop and start the services did not resolve the problem. After rebooting the dfm server, It became OK.

  Thanks again