Performance issue when file copying.


We have encountered some performance issue when file copying many small files between filers or in the same filer.. One big ISO works ok.It´s the same problem with NFS and CIFS.

We have following environment FAS3240 x 2 and FAS3220 x 2 controllers.

Data OnTap 8.0.2P5 7-mode

We have 10G connection but when we are file copying we only reach about 100Mb/s



Re: Performance issue when file copying.


You may wish to double check whether the filer e0M & e0P port IPs share the same subnet with your data ports.

If so, you may wish to change them into differnt subnet.

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Re: Performance issue when file copying.

Hi Henry

I looked at the configuration and I have to attache screenshot here. We don´t have any 192.168.1.X network why is this used, is it the network wich it is connected to our fabric switch?