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Perfstat8 - rsh


How can I run perfstat8 using RSH, based on help it should be default option but it start asking ssh things anyway and at the end

it will fail becaus it cant set key using sftp to filer.

Thanks for ansver


Re: Perfstat8 - rsh


try that shows how to connect via plink.exe.

basically save plink and perfstat under c:\.

run from comand line c:\plink root@your_netapp_ip

enter your root password, accept if any the key to be saved on cache

you should be connected on your netapp, type ctrl-d to log off

comand line c:\perfstat.exe -f NetappIP -t 25 -i 10 -l root -S pw:PUT_YOUR_ROOT_PASSWORD > today.perfstat.out

t and i you can put any number suites you

hope this helps

Re: Perfstat8 - rsh

Nice, but this one is for perfstat7, not for perstat8

Re: Perfstat8 - rsh


Do you already tried the newest version of perfstat8 (from 2. November)?

This new version works much better.


Or feel free to try this official NetApp tool if you still have problems:

Re: Perfstat8 - rsh

Thanks Almeida, with support tools I get it working - finaly

Does not look even so cryptic string in command prompt