Perfviewer does not graph perfstat datas


Sometimes we haven't been able to graph with Perfviewer. We know NetApp have tools (Latx, web tools for netapp internal only,....) that will graph but it isn't availble to partners yet.

What should we do ?

We know cpmg, but it doesn't interpret perfstat datas. Can please,  have access to other tools or other PerfViewer version that works ?

Re: Perfviewer does not graph perfstat datas

We just had a similar discussion in another message on here.  There is no updated perfstat viewer and the old version stopped working with ONTAP 7.3 perfstat output.  If cmpg isn't an option, we also use Performance Advisor in Operations Manager... or have a NetApp SE run LATX or open a support case for performance analysis since we can't run the LATX tool.  I always get great support from performance engineering and haven't had a problem getting output when needed... but another thread to request LATX access is a good thing.  I heard it will be sometime next year but hope it will be sooner.