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Permissions on snapshots (previous versions)

Just curious if there's any way to restrict permissions on snapshots or do they have to keep the same permissions as live data...


Re: Permissions on snapshots (previous versions)

They keep the permissions at the time of the snapshot and are readonly so can't be changed.  You can turn off presentation of ~snapshot or .snapshot though to the users.

Re: Permissions on snapshots (previous versions)


Snapshots are a point in time copy of the data, so the permissions set on the data, eg CIFS Share, or SQL DB's (SQL Permissions) within a LUN, at the time the snapshot is taken, are same as the live data (if these have not been changed). if the permissions were changed between snapshots, the snapshots would reflect this.

EG. if you have a CIFS share with my documents folders, for 10 users, and you deny all ACL permissions via windows for 1 user and take several snapshots of the volume, the snaps taken will inherit this permission until its changed or corrected (or left as is!).

Hope this helps


Re: Permissions on snapshots (previous versions)

Good information guys, thanks!