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Physical cluster move - effects of name change on existing SVM DR relationships?

I am largely self taught on our Netapp systems. When I came into the job a few years ago we had a contractor help us migrate from 7mode to CDOT, creating a primary cluster and a DR cluster, with SVM DR setup between the clusters to handle the DR aspect. Until recently these two clusters were in the same data center and on the same network while we were waiting for our DR site to come online. Recently I physically moved the DR cluster to the new DR site, and was able to get everything working by pre-configuring the new cluster and node management LIFs and intercluster LIFs. After updating the peer intercluster IP addresses everything was working smoothly, until I tried to reconnect the cluster to OCUM.


It seems that the cluster certificate has expired, and I need to create a new one to reconnect to OCUM. Since the DR cluster is at the new site I would like to rename the DR cluster (and it's nodes) to match the naming scheme for that site, and to me it makes sense to do that before recreating the SSL certificate. The only information I could find out about cluster/node renaming is a Netapp KB TV video 1014808 ( where the speaker states "Renaming of a node or cluster is non-disruptive".


Will renaming the cluster and nodes cause any issues with the existing SVM DR relationships or the Cluster peers?



Re: Physical cluster move - effects of name change on existing SVM DR relationships?



i renamed 4 clusters names, 16 nodes and dozens of LIFs without an impact few months back on ONTAP 9.5 systems serving CIFS and NFS. We didn't had SVM-DR, but had many Snapmirror relationships (which SVM-DR built upon). again - with no impact.


You are right, it is better to do it all before you issue new cert. one thing i suggest - is to put the new name in DNS a few hours before, and that you'll have to update the name in OCUM(AIUM) and WFA if you have them.



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Re: Physical cluster move - effects of name change on existing SVM DR relationships?

Thanks for your reply Gideon. Sometimes when it comes to the Netapp it's not a question of how to do it technically, but what are the underlying consquences of doing something! It's always good to have some real-world experience from fellow colleagues. Hopefully I can convince management for some training in 2020.


Good point about DNS and updating the name in other systems. We already have the new DNS entry in place, so after making the cluster and node name changes I should just have to update OCUM. Updating to AIUM will probably be early 2020 as the NAS admin role is just one of several I wear.


Thanks for the insight. I'll update once I have made the change later this week.