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Preserving interface ip settings.

FAS3210 running 8.0.2P3 7-mode with two controllers in a single stack.

I've configured controller B's network interfaces using command line over the serial connection. Then rebooted it using "reboot.  After a few minutes, I wasn't able to connect using its ip addreses.  I connected through the serial console and found that none of interfaces were configured with the ips I assigned them.

controller B's interfaces were assigned ips using the following  "ifconfig e0a netmask partner"

ifconfig -a showed the ip bound to e0a and I could ping it from controller A but after a reboot all was lost.

Any assistance or clarification is appreciated.

Re: Preserving interface ip settings.


To make network configuration persistent you have to add this to /etc/rc file. You can do it by mounting /etc via NFS in another computer, or using wrfile command.

Caution with using wrfile command. It will subscribe all file content. You can access the controller via serial and execute:

netapp> rdfile /etc/rc

Then put the output in a notepad. Add the command you executed, and use wrfile:

netapp> wrfile /etc/rc





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