Problem with Dedupe


I have one volume that doesn't deduplicate.

When it starts it keeps hanging on 0%
Also the A-sis size is getting bigger and bigger.

In the volume is a vmfs lun with only 2 vmdk's.

What can be wrong here?


Problem with Dedupe


what is the size of your Volume and the LUN? Is there free space on the Volume and on the Aggregate for deduplication metadata?



Problem with Dedupe

I've had ASIS get stuck like this once before, on ONTAP 7.3.5 I think. Things to try... if you issue "sis stop /vol/VMFS_IBM6040N1D" what happens? Does it go back to an "idle" state or is it still stuck in "active"?  Also, issue "sis status -l /vol/VMFS_IBM6040N1D" and look for any errors there. If everything else is ok (volume size and capacity as previously mentioned) then the only way around this is to reboot the controller.


Problem with Dedupe


Restarting the controller is an option I would like to use as last line of defence...

I have emptied the lun with storage vmotion so no risk of damaging.

I have just started a new dedup on the lun and I got this error see print screen

I did a start, it kept hanging on 0% like always and then it gave this error.

IBM6040N1> Tue Aug 23 14:30:01 CEST [IBM6040N1: sis.op.aborted:error]: SIS operation for /vol/VMFS_IBM6040N1D has aborted: Read from metafile failed


Problem with Dedupe

IBM6040N1> Tue Aug 23 14:30:01 CEST [IBM6040N1: sis.op.aborted:error]: SIS operation for /vol/VMFS_IBM6040N1D has aborted: Read from metafile failed

Well, as a quick workaround I would simply try destroying the volume in question (providing there is no data in it), creating it from scratch & then trying dedupe again.



Problem with Dedupe

I was thinking the same quick and dirty solution, but what will happen to the A-Sis size?

For the moment it's on 258 GB. I had run a dedup on all the other volumes in this aggregate and the size of the A-sis didn't get smaller. (what it should suppose to do).

Since there is a problem with the dedup on one volume, I assume the A-sis kept growing because of the problem on this volume.

When I delete the lun & volume and recreate, will the A-sis size get back to normal?

IBM6040N1> aggr show_space aggr0 -h

Aggregate 'aggr0'

    Total space    WAFL reserve    Snap reserve    Usable space       BSR NVLOG           A-SIS          Smtape

         2921GB           292GB           131GB          2498GB             0KB           258GB             0KB

Problem with Dedupe

Problem solved

Deleted lun & qtree's in the volume.

Deleted all snapshots

From the system manager I started a full dedup instead of a partial.

A-sis size is back to normal now.

Whoop Whoop

Thx all for the insights.