Problem with VLAN and VIF


I try to enable vlan on my virtual interface, but i have a problem.

I use vlan 1, for my lan-data, and vlan 100 for iscsi.

In my switch, the port is configured as :

vlan 1 untagged

vlan 100 tagged

without create vlan on my vif, network working good !

but when i try to enable vlan on my vif, network doesn't work.

to create vlan on my vif, i use CLI :

My vif is named TRUNK-A

vlan create TRUNK-A 1 100

ifconfig TRUNK-A-1 netmask

ifconfig TRUNK-A-100 netmask

so when i do this, interface is up and responding, but interface in not responding.

I use Procurve 2910-al switch.

Any have an idea ?


Re: Problem with VLAN and VIF

On the switch port, Vlan 1 must be a Tagged interface.

With Data Ontap 7.x, when you create a Vlan on top of a Vif (or physical interface), all traffic must be tagged with a VLAN ID number.

So your configuration is correct from the Data Ontap side (vlan create TRUNK-A 1 100), you just have to tag the port for Vlan 1.

With Data Ontap 8.0.1 (I believe), you can have a Vlan tag on top of a VIF but still pass un-tagged packets.

You can't do that with the current releases of Data Ontap.

If you can't tag the port for VLAN 1, then you'll have to use a different VLAN tag number for the traffic on the 192.168.1.x subnet.